Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome to the blog

Hi.  Welcome to the House of Cards.  Basically, what I'm going to be trying to do is hammer home some basic truths about issues that our society faces.  Some things to let you know, off the bat, so you know where I'm coming from:

1) I'm pro-American.  I'm going to blog a bit about flaws in the US political system.  But I still believe that US is the best hope for humanity moving forward.  I think the founders were geniuses, and that we should aspire to remain the city upon the hill.

2) I believe in HBD, or Human Bio-Diversity.  Because humanity has been separated for tens of thousands of years, different traits evolved in different frequencies in different ethnic groups.  These traits are genetic.  Many of these differences are behavioral, and, unfortunately, in the field of intelligence.

on that evolutionary psych note...

3) I'm a "community guy," I've followed the pickup movement, and can attest to game working, in a general sense.  I'm even more fascinated by what game means for feminism and male female equality and psychology.  The collapse of traditional dating norms is hugely important to civilization.

on another evo psych note

4) While I'm a capitalist, I loathe and detest advertisers.  Consumerism is an important topic that the HBD and pickup community need to address more. 

On that note, I am a frequent visitor of the "travel and pickup" blogs such as Roosh, G Manifesto, Roissy, etc.  But I think the former are deeply flawed in their rejection of American norms.  They are essentially freeriding on civilization while doing little to contribute to its stability and continuity.  Their ambivalence in the face of American (supposed) decline is dangerously naive.

5) I'm a singularitarian, or transhumanist.  The increasing interconnectedness of humanity, in addition  to the rise of artificial intelligence, is changing humanity, and will continue to change humanity. 

              I may blog a bit about aliens and scifi.  It's not that relevant often, but fun to think about. 

6) I'm green. A bit.  I believe strongly in animal rights, that respect of the right to life should be predicated on sentience, not species membership.  I think that we should respect Planet Earth, not overly pollute it or plunder its resources.  And I think that if we target the most wasteful forms of consumption, we can achieve that.

7) I may touch on spirituality here or there. I think that there may be something out there in terms of a transcendent force.  However, monotheistic religions, especially Islam, have appallingly twisted man's search for meaning into a reason to hate. 

This blog is about exploring important ideas, engaging with other bloggers, trying to figure out how it all fits together in an increasingly complicated world.  Unless someone is a bot or making personal attacks, or mass spamming/commenting,  I will never censor a comment just because I disagree with it.  After all, that's what this is all about -   

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