Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The naive game blogger

So, Roosh has a new post on feminism

Quick—name a female scientist besides Marie Curie. Name a female artist during the Renaissance. Name a famous female architect or Nobel Prize winner. Women have been quiet in the history of the world not because of male privilege, but because they’re not designed to achieve. The advantage that nature has given them concerns solely their appearance.

Now, substitute your favorite NAM ethnic group of choice and see what we come up with.  Is Roosh really advocating going down that path?

Men of the past have found it much easier at becoming skilled at a specific trade and earning money in order to land a wife than to compete with women in the game arena. But when having a good job is no longer sufficient, like it is today, the arduous process of becoming competent at game must be undertaken. The demand for game advice has become so great that it has spawned its own industry in several countries, the first time that has happened in world history.

Now, this fact, which of course Roosh won't mention, is not universal to all species.  J. Phillipe Rushton devoted an entire book to mating differences between the races.  The taboo truth, which the "game," community and the "manosphere," are loathe to admit, is that mating patterns now are simply resorting to mating patterns which existed in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Now, one quote Roosh made which I think deserves even more attention is this:

There is a reason why a woman’s vagina was locked up and guarded in ancient times until marriage: she could not be trusted with her sexual choices. Look at a modern woman’s sexual behavior and ask yourself who is gaining from her promiscuity. Alpha men are gaining.

Funny, true, and absolutely devastating to the modern feminist.  Roissy has a post today about it

Police records are practically neon signs flashing ALPHA MALE over your head. A little taste of the ol’ ultracriminality — just a wee bit, mind you, guv’nor — is crotchnip to maximally fertile women from all socioeconomic stratum. The bleatings of the femcunt and limpwrist brigades to the contrary notwithstanding, bad boys are attractive to emotionally stable girls, and *especially* to emotionally stable, professional yuppie chicks who are surrounded on a daily basis by mincing beta herbs with balls crafted from tofu.

Sad, but true.  But, then question I ask from here is: what next?  Feminism and the explosion of interracial dating are intertwined, with black men benefiting from interracial dating, while the traditional "beta," asian men, getting completely screwed.  One cannot talk about the feminist affect on American society and ignore the racial aspects.  Or I guess they could, since Europe is another example of it happening. 


  1. "Now, substitute your favorite NAM ethnic group of choice and see what we come up with. Is Roosh really advocating going down that path?"

    Right... Rather than deal with reality let's just pretend away unpleasant truths. Some "rationalist" you are.

  2. Roosh is the

  3. @ Tony. I'm fully a "believer," and "member" of the HBD community. But I think it's comically naive when Roosh bashes feminism without thinking about the broader implications of his intellectual rebellion. Let's examine the unpleasant truths! But the game community has to acknowledge them too. I'm sure the asian playboy and g manifesto have different ideas of what a player is. One of them benefits from hyperogamy, one doesn't. Unity in the "gameosphere" is a myth.