Monday, July 2, 2012

HBD Penetrates the Manosphere

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Roosh's lame attempt at demonizing white nationalists sees a backlash in reader comments.

Some classics:

"As long as black American guys give shit to white men for dating black girls, it is only fair that white men don’t accept black guys with white girls."

"Black on white violence is covered up even though it’s happening yet how did the Trayvon Martin episode play out? Hear about the white guy set on fire by blacks? For some odd reason that news not making it to the spotlight."

"2 –> All of the considered most gorgeous black women have a very high proportion of white genes, like Rihanna or Halle Berry. It’s easy to see they always are the most light skinned blacks.

3 –> Another thing we should consider, even there is nothing definitive upon it, it’s that racism is a “natural group reaction on foreign biological influence” an evolutionary mechanism that prevents the infiltration or desintegration of a biological group within a specie."

"Well in a nation where if one is critical of the current President they are automatically labeled a racist, yeah they have every reason to be paranoid. Exactly like feminist and women act when one is critical of them and use misogynist label."

One fascinating comment:
"However, it’s been my experience that if a white girl is into black men, she’s INTO us. You gave women equal pay, contraception and voting rights. Now you have to deal with a much freer sexual marketplace. And that means your precious white women have the freedom to choose dick of any color."

This plays into the rise of feminism and the racial revolution - both are parallel based on hatred of the beta male provider - the former bedrock of civilization.

Anyway, some more hardcore comments:
"White Nationalists have watched as the liberal/zionist controlled media has made them a joke and a laughing stock in the country they built from scratch. They’ve watched as every rag tag group who never did shit to contribute to this society wants to come over and claim a piece of it as “rightfully theirs”. They have watched as pop culture has absolutely celebrated black masculinity while demonizing white masculinity. We have watched channels like Mtv virtually come right out and tell white chicks that they will be cooler if they fuck black guys."

"You think it’s fear? HAHAHAHA notice how when a black dude talks about this that is all he can ever come up with….”They are scared to say this shit to my face”. Well no shit sherlock, because of your propensity to go ape and start violence at any topic you don’t like because you are intellectually incapable of discussing a subject in a calm rational manner. Your default reaction is savage violence, so of course you are not going to have white guys bring up topics like nationalism at dinner parties. Would you start a conversation with a pit bull about the finer points of free market capitalism, or would you avoid the son of a bitch entirely? Common sense, friends."


"Just look at any black country and then look at any white country. If you were a woman seeking a safe place to raise a family, which would you prefer? The choice is so obvious that it’s ridiculous to even ask the question."

Here is another fascinating comment:
"Give us a fair playing field without constant media debasement, and whites will win out every time."
I see this personally - outside the bubbles of Western Europe, black men by far are looked down upon compared to white women.  Sure, you have your fetishists, but by and large, those Japanese women are an exception and no doubt seeking brothers only because they have no alternative. Good luck to a black guy in Russia or Southeast Asia.....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Naive Game Blogger and Leaving the US

I'm thinking back to all of Roosh's Posts where he says he wants to leave the US and why.  This was brought on by a recent post on the Stuff Black People don't like blog where the author pondered leaving the US:

There's an idea that is eating away at me, but it will have to wait a few days. It ties into the whole concept of "Don't Get Detroit-ed" and why moving to states like Montana, Idaho, Arizona, etc. - while it might seem like a great idea and is something I contemplate on a daily basis (that or leaving America) - is not a long-term viable solution. Unless you gain political power, but that's a topic for another day. 

This is essentially a blog about how Black people are destroying America.  For it to go as far as ponder leaving America, I'm a bit disturbed, as a hardcore patriot.

But let's think about all of Roosh's complaints about America and how it relates to it's black population.  I'll try not to make too much of a stretch.

But to what degree are the complaints that Roosh makes about America a result of it's minority population, rather than a fault of America itself?  The PC attitudes, the feminism (brought on concurrently with civil rights legislation), the obesity (blacks and hispanics have highest obesity rate), the consumerism (higher diversity means that status-seeking is increasingly material as opposed to cultural), the 9-5 wage slaving (need to be able to afford to live somewhere without lots of NAMs), lack of free health care(higher diversity creates low social trust, undermining a collective ethos)...and so on

In terms of intellectually, though, he complains that American women are dumb, but at the same time complains that they try too hard to be witty...

More likely that foreign women don't even bother to be intelligent so he has little means of ascertaining their low IQ, which is highly likely in places like Brazil and Columbia. 


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We need a serious conversation about end of life

The modern medical system is great at keeping people alive well past their expiration date but not so good at making that time worth it.  As Brooks explained earlier,

Life is not just breathing and existing as a self-enclosed skin bag. It’s doing the activities with others you were put on earth to do. 

But yet the modern medical system is focused on keeping the body alive even when the brain is shriveled with age.

A large share of our health care spending is devoted to ill patients in the last phases of life. This sort of spending is growing fast. Americans spent $91 billion caring for Alzheimer’s patients in 2005. By 2015, according to Callahan and Nuland, the cost of Alzheimer’s will rise to $189 billion.

Ouch.  I'm thinking of all the spaceships and stem cell research and AI technology that we won't do because of this money being wasted on people who can barely understand that they're alive.

So in Brook's column today he writes about one of the subjects of his life report, a senior that lived a accomplished life married to the woman of his dreams.  He wrote a somewhat self indulgent piece, basically saying "Look at how great my life is!"and mentioning how good it was to be taking care of his now senile wife. 

But the story is far from roses.  He ended up offing himself and his wife

So Brooks has another column out today reflecting on the contradiction between his advocacy not to worship life itself over coherence, against the fact that a dude killed himself based on that advice.

He believed that caring for his wife made him a richer, fuller human being: “It’s not noble, it’s not sacrificial and it’s not painful. It’s just right in the scheme of things. ... Sixty-one years ago, a partner to our marriage who knew how to nurture, nurtured a partner who needed nurturing. Now, 61 years later, a partner who is learning how to nurture is nurturing a partner who needs nurturing.”

One side says he did it out of love:
“This is a total shock to everyone in the family, but we know he acted out of deep devotion and profound love.”

Others say he did it out of selfishness:
 A woman from Canada who has spent 25 years nursing Alzheimer’s patients, argued that none of us have the right to decide that another person’s life is worthless. Some argued that the nurturing process at the end of life, like the nurturing process at the beginning, requires patience and that those who are desperate should seek help, not a firearm.

Well, the difference being a baby becomes an adult, while an old person simply withers.

Brooks ends with this malarky that doesn't help us one bit:
If you look at life through the calculus of autonomy, then maybe Snelling made the right call. Maybe his moments of pain from here on out would have outnumbered his moments of pleasure. But if you look at a life as one element within a mysterious flow, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that Charles and Adrienne Snelling still had a few ripples to create.

Regardless, we have to have a serious discussion in the world about this.  At what point should people have to pay to keep alive another human being?  How long do we deserve to live when we're no longer contributing members of society? Given the skyrocketing costs of medicare, this discussion is unavoidable unless we want fiscal catastrophe.

Do you see us having this discussion?  I don't know...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Human Progress

Absolutely phenomenal....

Science gradually triumphing over the cruelties of nature.  We are on the way to transcendence and the singularity, when we conquer nature and God.  Richard Norris,  I wish you all the best in the future.  Make sure to derive extra enjoyment to make up for your lost years.  And also vow to live your life as the best person that you can be, for there remain many that are still yet to undergo the surgery.