Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I didn't say it!

But this Taki Magazine article makes the connection between IQ and PUA.

Also read these sites because many in the manosphere, particularly Human Stupidity and Roissy’s Chateau Heartiste, discuss more than sex. Race and class also come up for candid, heated discussion. This is ultimately why the SPLC’s Investigative Report so amused me. In 1971, the Southern Poverty Law Center appointed itself the nation’s Klanfinder General. It receives untold millions to investigate and expose “racist” “hate groups.” Yet somehow this report almost entirely neglects top-of-the-fold discussions of black IQ and illegal immigration that take place daily in the manosphere alongside the cataloguing of caddishness.

And in the comments:

The manosphere does well to point out that while certain male personalities are good at securing lots of sex and women, these types are also very, very bad at running western style civilization.   (PUAs do not often make up our engineers, I'm afraid).

Don't know why I get such a thrill out of seeing the PUA crowd get force fed HBD.  Maybe because the PUA crowd has become too anti-American for me and HBD gives a more nuanced picture? 

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