Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HBD, Black passenger yellow cab

So one of my friends tweeted a picture of Fukushima following the earthquake:
Then I wondered about Haiti and found this article (no before and after pics).

One year later, reconstruction is moving at a snail’s pace, millions of people are still without a permanent home, a cholera epidemic has killed thousands, and the recent first-round of the presidential election is under investigation for fraud.

Only an estimated five percent of the capital’s rubble has been cleared, and many streets are still blocked by debris. Makeshift camps in and around Port-au-Prince house more than a million people.

HBD in action!

On a more serious note, I read Black passenger yellow cab
He goes hardcore against the Japanese culture, noting it's dysfunction with regard to the status of women, open mindedness, father-daughter relations, the dating culture, etc.  And the other half is devoted to sex stories about him and Japanese women.

There is a part of the book where he devotes time to dysfunction in Jamaica, on the lack of trust and the criminality.

This is an interesting book, I'd give it 4 stars but I feel it was ranting at times and quite tough on the Japanese, who have been able to build a largely successful society despite a paucity of natural resources.  We can argue about the lost decade, but by and large, their people have money, healthcare, safety, food, freedom, etc.... 

Here are some great quotes:

"We all go out together. Me, she, her husband, and he knows everything."

"As newlyweds of only a few months, and in their early and mid thirties respectively, they slept in separate beds, in separate rooms, and had not been sexually active.  I had come to understand this as a common practice among Japanese couples.."

And on Jamaica:

"Jamaica, this barbaric land of my birth, is the most vehemently and religiously homophobic place on earth, where one can be hacked to death just on rumors of being gay."

"The lives of the influential non-African minority are far more important than those of the poverty stricken African masses....the nation with the highest murder rate per capita, also sports the most churches per square mile."

"Hence arriving in America and observing such widespread poverty among Negroes, all but confirmed that yes, the people of my race, this race to which I was attached for life, were doomed it seem internationally."

"During my childhood and to this day, it is a common tenet among men of the uneducated masses that real men don't take care of their children.  That's for wimps."

If wimps, he means civilized, high-k countries.....then, well, it all makes sense.

Anyway, a great read.  Titillating and educating.

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