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The very naive game blogger

Following up on my previous post, I read a recent David Brooks column that reminds me of the rants that I see on Roosh and G Manifesto's Blog.

First, I need to mention that I have tremendous admiration for the former, and appreciation for the latter.  They've contributed immensly to our knowledge of game, travel, fashion, female psychology, etc...

But, I do notice an undercurrent of anti-Americanism and celebration of the decline of America.  Yes, I agree that Americans have become fat and feminism is hurting the market for marriage inclined beta men.  However, in order to criticize, one must have an alternative.  Here's Brooks echoeing the same thoughts:

This seems to be a moment when many people — in religion, economics and politics — are disgusted by current institutions, but then they are vague about what sorts of institutions should replace them. 

There are problems, there are corruption, but what are you doing about it?  Brooks suggests attaching one's self to a counter philosophy:

if you want to defy authority, you probably shouldn’t think entirely for yourself. You should attach yourself to a counter-tradition and school of thought that has been developed over the centuries and that seems true. 

But does the Rooshosphere/Gameosphere have a philosophy other than abandon your 9-5 and try to bang as many chicks as possible?

But rebellion without a rigorous alternative vision is just a feeble spasm. 

That's how I feel whenever I read posts like this, this, and this from Roosh 

Here's some golden lines:

I’m sure you see the pattern. Most of the things I missed were based on our consumer culture: choice, convenience, and selection. Other than that, America has only one other benefit over foreign countries: health care.

Just kidding. There are no other benefits.


“Americans are lazy but they’re not. When it comes to money they’ll work like fucking mules. You’ll never see someone put in as many hours as an American, kiss ass like an American. They’ll do anything to make that extra dollar to get that plasma television or dine in some frou-frou restaurant that got a good review by some idiot on the internet. They’ll grin and take it in the ass when the boss asks them to stay in on Saturday morning a month before performance reviews are due. They will work and barely complain when you tell them they can’t take a long vacation. Hell, even if you give them a lot of time off they wouldn’t know what to do with it. They’ll take a trip to the Caribbean or some pre-programmed cruise to be trapped with a bunch of whales, one handshake from projectile diarrhea.


Nothing has given me the urge to burn my American passport more than the above photo.


 Don't burn it Roosh, there are plenty of starving children in Sudan that will happily take your place.  

You're so special because you don't drink the corporate "Kool aid," Now tell me how we're going to keep people safe, educate children, keep financial markets running, prevent the encroach of Islam, and other problems of state management. 

Because if you read a recent Roissy post, the problems of American feminism that Roosh and the manosphere decry are inevitable given a free society and human genetic tendencies.  Btw, this is one of the most important social blog posts I've read in months.  Give it several reads.  I'll throw out some gems:

Female hypergamy (and male preference for younger women) just IS. It’s a fact of life, and society accommodates it or corrals it depending on its goals. 

So this is what we have to work with.

As society relaxes its controls of female sexuality — and unleashed female sexuality is the wilder and more fluid and more dangerous of the sexes — more women rush to the “thug lover” side of the hindbrain continuum, and away from any latent preference for dutiful betas. 

Is the consequences of the free love movement.

However, once prosperity and secularism unraveled the cultural expectations, only internal behavioral motivators were left, and the motivations previously dampened and suppressed through practical and social limits could now express themselves.
Is the consequence of how lack of shaming and the welfare state changed things.

And for the grand conclusion:
freedom and prosperity are the real “culprits” here, and their interaction with natural genetic variation. Not the welfare state. Not the government. Not apathetic elites. Not globalism or “stagnant wages”. Any major reversals in these trends would seemingly require major, forceful social controls, because they are the consequences of a very pervasive kind of individualism and of freedom of thought.

Chew on that. Realize what is being said here. If you do, you should feel a shudder descend your spine. Individualism and freedom of thought are the enemies of the very values and morality which gave birth to them and elevated them to primacy among advanced nations.
What libertarian, conservative OR liberal could read and accept the above premise and not feel at least some elemental — some PRIMAL — part of his worldview shatter into a million pieces. Libertarians: laissez faire means the cementing of intractable human hereditary differences into antagonistic classes and milieus. Conservatives: freedom and prosperity mean a slackening of external behavioral motivators and the erosion of commonality and shared values and the means with which to argue for them. Liberals: nonjudgmental individualism means a collapse of social capital and a surrender of any moral or aesthetic authority.

Devastating stuff.  Could this be the inroad that we need to start promoting the singularity?  If human nature itself makes prosperity an inherently unstable civilizational condition, must we alter nature?

Or, is truth enough to save civilization?  If all of a sudden political correctness disappeared, could the truth save us?

Regardless, one must laugh at the shallowness which the gameosphere attacks Western civilization without going deeper into the issue.  

There is no solution to the gender problem as of yet, without engendering the race problem. 

America is dying. Unless the powerful divest themselves from their voracious egos and accept that they have been steeped in a mountain of lies for 60 years, perhaps 150 years depending on your point of origin, and until that day they reverse the path they have taken this country, America’s slow, asphyxiating dying will finally, unmercifully, reach closure

What happened 150 years ago?  The end of slavery in America.  Is Roissy saying what I think he's saying?  If so, I'll need to meditate on this one.  I'll have a blog post up soon showing the parallels between animal rights and civil rights.  For now, shudder.

Roosh, you're great at giving game advice.  But your lamentations against the Western culture and America will eventually hit a point where we have some seriously controversial and disturbing topics to address.

Roosh, what is your grand worldview that takes into account all the theories out there?

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