Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't drink the cool aid? That means nothing.

As a prolific blog reader, especially in the HBDosphere and the game/rooshosphere, I come across a wide variety of blogs.  Two blogs, that I both like and dislike in equal measure, G Manifesto and One STDV, The former I like for his travel, style, and game tips, but dislike for his acceptance of the decline of America, glorification of boxing and a lifestyle that doesn't promote civilization (eg a highly value transference lifestyle (hat tip: Half Sigma) - what does he do exactly?  Drug dealing?  Speculation?  Smuggling?  Human trafficking?). 

But ONESDTV I like for his defense of America, his HBD realist stance, links to great videos of blacks behaving badly, and his more philosophical outlook.  I dislike him for loyalty to the white race, ambivalence to transformative technology, skepticism of gay rights.  

But both readers characterize themselves as rebels.  Onestdv for his rejection of the liberal narrative, multiculturalism, egalitarianism, G Manifesto for his rejection of the 9-5 workweek, American finance, etc...

As in response to my previous post, G Manifesto posts a forum question like this:

Why Do Republicans Hate This?
(Picture of Floyd Mayweather)

But like this?
(Picture of Mitt Romney grinning with cash in a business suit.)

It comes to the heart of the difference.  The first is a gangbanger thug, the second person helps run civilization.  Now, don't get me wrong, Wall Street is far from perfect and I sympathy for Occupy.  But to say that they're thugs is ridiculous.  A country of Mayweathers will quickly become Haiti, while a country of Mitts will become Sweden, or probably Germany.  Big difference.

Now let's look at Mayweather's quote on Jeremy Lin:
Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he's Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don't get the same praise.

Now, beyond this being factually wrong (Jeremy Lin is clearly above the average black player in the NBA), doesn't Mayweather realize that this applies to pretty much all black achievements outside of athletics and music?

The problem, is that when you rebel against the system, you have to ignore inconvenient facts, like how backwards the rest of the world is, or how racial differences in intelligence make it difficult to have a more egalitarian society.

On that note, I checked out OneSTDV's blog posting on Jeremy Lin here, where he actually condones the supposed discrimination against Lin in order to show that race stereotyping is ok and is alive and well in sports.  Eventually he admits that it's a feel good story, and I like it to.  It's obvious that blacks are on the defensive when their territory is threatened by an outsider.

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  1. Sweden is a socialist country, so Mitt won't turn us into them.

    Germany is nice and prevalent.