Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brain Science and Islam

The destruction of man as a free, rational agent is in process.  We're starting to be able to explain everything about human psychology, bit by bit.  We're starting to understand man as a biological machine, not as a philosopher.

So I was thinking after reading some articles.  Start with this one on Islam and homosexuality. 

Of the seven countries that impose the death penalty for homosexuality, all are Muslim. Even when gays do not face execution, persecution is endemic. In 2010 a Saudi man was sentenced to 500 lashes and five years in jail for having sex with another man. In February last year, police in Bahrain arrested scores of men, mostly other Gulf nationals, at a “gay party”. Iranian gay men are typically tried on other trumped-up charges. But in September last year three were executed specifically for homosexuality. (Lesbians in Muslim countries tend to have an easier time: in Iran they are sentenced to death only on the fourth conviction.)

When leftist apologists for Islam criticize Christians, they have to realize that Islam is far, far worse on the issue of gay rights.

But what should cause a crisis is homosexuality not being a choice.  

One landmark study looked at gay men’s brothers and found that 52 percent of identical twin brothers were also gay, in contrast with only 22 percent of nonidentical twin brothers and 11 percent of adoptive, genetically unrelated brothers. Heredity more than environment seemed to be calling the shots.

So how does a dogmatic repressive religion adjust to the new science? 

I could understand in somewhere like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Iran, homosexuals would be condemned.  However, they're doing it in London too.

So what's going through a liberal's head when they read it?  That the protestors are just misinterpreting Islam?  If so, where are the mullahs calling for tolerance for homosexuals?

Personally, I don't mind homosexuals, unlike some other the other reactionaries.  They remove excess sausage, don't commit crimes, allow me to hook up with chicks in their clubs (which have better music), and generally are nice.  I'd take a neighborhood of queers over thugs anyday.  Unfortunately, the "oppressed" Muslims aren't so tolerant.  Ironic, no?


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