Monday, July 2, 2012

HBD Penetrates the Manosphere

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Roosh's lame attempt at demonizing white nationalists sees a backlash in reader comments.

Some classics:

"As long as black American guys give shit to white men for dating black girls, it is only fair that white men don’t accept black guys with white girls."

"Black on white violence is covered up even though it’s happening yet how did the Trayvon Martin episode play out? Hear about the white guy set on fire by blacks? For some odd reason that news not making it to the spotlight."

"2 –> All of the considered most gorgeous black women have a very high proportion of white genes, like Rihanna or Halle Berry. It’s easy to see they always are the most light skinned blacks.

3 –> Another thing we should consider, even there is nothing definitive upon it, it’s that racism is a “natural group reaction on foreign biological influence” an evolutionary mechanism that prevents the infiltration or desintegration of a biological group within a specie."

"Well in a nation where if one is critical of the current President they are automatically labeled a racist, yeah they have every reason to be paranoid. Exactly like feminist and women act when one is critical of them and use misogynist label."

One fascinating comment:
"However, it’s been my experience that if a white girl is into black men, she’s INTO us. You gave women equal pay, contraception and voting rights. Now you have to deal with a much freer sexual marketplace. And that means your precious white women have the freedom to choose dick of any color."

This plays into the rise of feminism and the racial revolution - both are parallel based on hatred of the beta male provider - the former bedrock of civilization.

Anyway, some more hardcore comments:
"White Nationalists have watched as the liberal/zionist controlled media has made them a joke and a laughing stock in the country they built from scratch. They’ve watched as every rag tag group who never did shit to contribute to this society wants to come over and claim a piece of it as “rightfully theirs”. They have watched as pop culture has absolutely celebrated black masculinity while demonizing white masculinity. We have watched channels like Mtv virtually come right out and tell white chicks that they will be cooler if they fuck black guys."

"You think it’s fear? HAHAHAHA notice how when a black dude talks about this that is all he can ever come up with….”They are scared to say this shit to my face”. Well no shit sherlock, because of your propensity to go ape and start violence at any topic you don’t like because you are intellectually incapable of discussing a subject in a calm rational manner. Your default reaction is savage violence, so of course you are not going to have white guys bring up topics like nationalism at dinner parties. Would you start a conversation with a pit bull about the finer points of free market capitalism, or would you avoid the son of a bitch entirely? Common sense, friends."


"Just look at any black country and then look at any white country. If you were a woman seeking a safe place to raise a family, which would you prefer? The choice is so obvious that it’s ridiculous to even ask the question."

Here is another fascinating comment:
"Give us a fair playing field without constant media debasement, and whites will win out every time."
I see this personally - outside the bubbles of Western Europe, black men by far are looked down upon compared to white women.  Sure, you have your fetishists, but by and large, those Japanese women are an exception and no doubt seeking brothers only because they have no alternative. Good luck to a black guy in Russia or Southeast Asia.....


  1. This is news? I don't read game blogs, but looking at them, it's kinda hard to say they don't already know of it.

    Look at Heartiste - his blogroll is about 2/3 HBD blogs.

    The supposedly anti-'racist' Roosh V blogrolls GLP and Mangan.

  2. Another thing, HTML 5 (the newish standard) doesn't require a closing / at the end of singleton statements.

    For instance, <br> is the correct syntax, as opposed to <br/>.

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  4. Thanks for the info, didn't realize that RooshV blogrolls Mangan. Fascinating - I suppose he just wants to keep minting money off his books and realizes that by going HBD he's going to receive alot more hate than by just bashing feminism.

    Obviously Heartiste has been pounding the drum for years.

    His biggest commenters on the forum such as Mixx, GManifesto, Athlone, VK, definetely do not seem at all to buy into HBD ideas, or maybe this is what they want us to think.

    I'm excited to see how this all plays out. Are we a few straws away from a societal catharsis?